Cezara Kolesnik

Was born in 1980 in the Republic of Moldova, where she built on her passion for painting by pursuing a formal education in art. In 2000, she moved to France to complete her studies culminating in a Master's degree from the Sorbonne. Cezara has exhibited in Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Lausanne, Dijon, Bucharest, and Chisinau; her work can be found in private collections throughout Europe.  The main technique of Cezara's work is oil on canvas, but the artist likes to experiment with new techniques and support like wood, glass, and paper. The artist lives and works in Brussels, where she has an art studio.

Artist Statement

From a country with a dream name: Moldova, at the crossroads of Latin and Slavic paths, the most diverse creative sources were opened to my view.
My artistic work connects to childhood, fairy tales, and symbols; crafting a bridge that everyone can cross. I have a need to create a space of chromatic freedom from which buried memories can surge, allowing us to step across this fragile “bridge of souvenirs”. It's an open invitation to meet the little prince in all of us.
My artistic world is full of revisited symbols; pure and vibrant color mixes with melancholic children lost in the hills of their villages, benevolent dragons protecting children’s dreams, and trees of life with brilliant colors symbolic of the soul that changes color in each moment of existence.
The course of my life over the last fifteen years has taken me far away from my country of origin, Moldova. Nevertheless, I remain spiritually very close to my homeland, and my desire to make it more widely known has only increased with my absence.

Relevant exhibitions

"Woman’s day » collective exhibition, Arthis, Brussels, March 2019
"Women artists" collective exhibition, Dubai, March 2018
"Women in art for peace "art projet, Bahrein, Strasbourg, Brussels 2018
Europe's ART project "Women in Art for Peace", Bahrein, May 2017
Arthis Cultural Center Brussels "Woman's portraits", March 2017
CCF-HHT "The colors of childhood", Chisinau, Moldova, December 2016
Artimundo Gallery, Brussels  "Angelus Mundi", December 2016
European Parliament "Two countries one soul", Bruxelles, Juin 2016
Summer Art Bahrein Domain, 5-31 May 2016
Arthis Cultural Center, Brussels "Portraits de femmes", March 2016
Art Project, Modcom Bordeaux" Moldavie, mon amour", December 2015
ReCreahall,Christmas Market, Brussels, November 2015
Zinnema Cultural Center, Brussels, Belgium, May 2015
Arthis Cultural Center, Brussels, Belgium, March 2015
Artisan Art Salon, Brussels Belgium, March 2015
Beer Circus, Brussels, Belgium, September 2014
Café Callens, Brussels,Belgium, September 2014
Europeean Commission, Brussels, Belgium May 2014
Serendip Spa, Brussels, Belgium, March 2014
Artimundo Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, December 2013
Espace Pierre Cardin,Paris, France, October 2013
Accessible Art Fair,Brussels, Belgium, October 2013
Pyrin Gallery, Bulgaria, September 2012
Cercle de Lorraine, Brussels, Belgium, May 2012
Artimundo Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, December 2011
European Commission, Luxembourg,  July / September 2011
European Commission, Brussels, May 2011
Gallery Arnavutköy, Istanbul Turkey June / September 2010
Gallery Bogoridi, Bugars Bulgaria, May 2010
Gallery City Hotel, Pleven Bulgaria, December 2010
Le Salon du Dessin Peinture et a l'eau from Grand Palais Paris France, November 2009
"Images and symbols» Roman-German Cultural Center, Sighisoara Romania, October 2009
Le Jeune Salon of Creation Contemporaine, Paris France, October 2009
International Festival of Contemporary Art, Byala Bulgaria, July 2009
Art & Heritage Romania, UNESCO project, Suceava, Sighisoara Romania, May 2009
National Philatelic Museum, National History Museum, Bucharest Romania, 2009
National Agency for Francophonie, Paris France, April 2009
Artothèque of St Maur, Paris France, December 2008
Gavart Gallery, Paris France, April 2007
Maison des Initiatives étudiantes, Paris France, May 2006
Gallery “n9uf” rue Verrie, Dijon France, May 2004
Gallery XXS, Dijon France, March 2003
Gallery Gaston- Gérard, Dijon France, December-June 2002
Fondation Plein Soleil, Lausanne Switzerland, April-July 2002
Caveau des Artistes, Saint Claude, February 2002
"La Galerie" Lons le Saunier France, December 2001
MJC Arbois France, March 2001, June 2000 and February 2000
House of Books "Metropolitan P.Movila", Chisinau, Moldova, July 1999
Chisinau City Hall, Moldova 1999